4 Reasons to Get Full Mouth Restoration

Your dental health is important, for both your comfort and overall health. If you have many dental health issues, your dentist may recommend a full mouth restoration – but what does this entail, and why should you have it done? Here are 4 reasons that a full mouth restoration might be right for you.

1. A full mouth restoration takes care of more than one problem. It is really a combination of procedures, a plan created just for you by your dentist to take care of all of your dental health issues in the most efficient and effective way possible. As an example, simply taking care of a missing tooth may not be enough – you may need more work than just a dental implant. A full mouth restoration is a plan for not only what you need, but the best order in which to do it.

2. You will feel better. A full mouth restoration can mean replacing missing teeth, fixing broken or chipped teeth, and treating gum disease. You may be surprised how these issues with your oral health can affect how you feel day to day. These procedures can even help with jaw pain, headaches, and sinus problems.

3. You will feel better about your smile. A full mouth restoration will not only make you feel better, but because your teeth and gums will be healthy and strong, you will be more confident and ready to smile.

4. It makes it easier to take care of your teeth. Even after a full mouth restoration, you will have to take good care of your oral health, of course. But when your mouth is “restored,” it will be easier to keep your teeth clean and to have a healthy mouth for years to come.

A full mouth restoration is a plan specialized for you to take care of all of your dental problems. If you think you might benefit from a full mouth restoration, call Arlington Dental Aesthetics in Arlington or South Riding Smiles in South Riding. Call the Arlington office at (703) 214-3183 or the South Riding Smiles office at (703) 214-3185!

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