What causes sensitive teeth?

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With the cold winter weather, a nice, hot cup of cocoa sounds pretty good – unless your teeth have been sensitive lately. Some suffer with hot beverages, some suffer with cold, and some suffer with both. But why do teeth get sensitive, and is this something you should be concerned about? Is this something your dentist can help you with, or is it just something you’ll have to live with? Read on for some information about sensitive teeth and what you can do about this annoying and painful problem.

Why are my teeth sensitive?

Unfortunately, if your teeth are sensitive, the problem will probably not go away on its own. It will only get worse, and so you should make a dental appointment for help. It can be caused by exposed tooth roots, constant tooth grinding, a cavity, or as a result of tooth enamel being worn down. It can also be a sign of gum disease. Until your dental appointment, make sure you keep brushing and flossing your teeth, even if they are sensitive, or you may end up with even more dental problems! Try a toothbrush with soft bristles and brush gently. You can try a toothpaste for sensitive teeth – there are many different brands available over the counter.

The way your dentist treats your sensitive teeth, of course, depends on what is causing the problem. Your dentist may recommend a fluoride treatment to help strengthen teeth or may apply a bonding resin to help treat exposed roots. If gum recession is causing your sensitivity, your dentist may recommend a gum grafting procedure, in which tissue is taken from the upper palate of the mouth and grafted over the exposed roots. Or, if your teeth are sensitive because you grind them, your dentist may recommend that you start using a mouth guard at night.

Sensitive teeth can strike at any time of the year and can make it hard to enjoy your favorite foods and drinks. Call Arlington Dental Aesthetics in Arlington for help with sensitive teeth. Call the Arlington office at (703) 527-1020  today!

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