A New Smile for the New Year

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January is a time to plan for the new year. Have you been thinking that maybe this is the year to do something about stained, crooked, or missing teeth? It’s a great idea – having a healthy, beautiful smile is not only good for your self-confidence but is also important for good dental health. There are many cosmetic dentistry procedures to choose from; read on for just a few ideas!


Veneers are thin porcelain shells that fit right on the tooth. They can be used to correct many imperfections, such as teeth that are chipped or misshapen. They can also cover teeth that are so stained that tooth whitening doesn’t help. They are long lasting and very durable, but look very natural.

Professional teeth whitening

As we age, teeth start to look dull, dingy, and yellow – especially for those who are coffee drinkers or smokers. Professional tooth whitening brightens teeth, with a quick and painless treatment that will give you outstanding results right away.


Crowns, which fit snuggly over teeth, can be used for teeth that are cracked or discolored. A crown can be created to match your other teeth so that no one can even tell you have one. They not only make teeth look better but also protect damaged teeth from infection and from developing more serious dental problems.

Full mouth restoration

Full mouth restoration takes care of many different dental problems with a combination of procedures, such as crowns, implants, and bonding to hide damaged teeth. These procedures are chosen based on your needs and the results you would like to see, along with your dentist’s recommendations for what might be best.

Starting off the new year with a new, healthy smile you can be proud of may just help to make it the best year ever. If you have been considering a cosmetic dentistry procedure, have been meaning to take care of a dental problem, or are just looking for ways to improve your smile, contact Arlington Dental Aesthetics . Call the Arlington office at (703) 527-1020  for an appointment!

Leave your worries at the door and enjoy a healthier smile


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