Soft Foods to Enjoy After Your Dental Procedure

brunette tasting sandwich with avocado and savoring aromatic tea

Undergoing a dental procedure may not be your idea of fun, but they are often needed to keep you healthy and happy in the long run. And although odds are you won’t be too happy right after the procedure is done and you probably won’t have much of an appetite, one of the best things you can do for yourself is to make sure you eat some healthy foods. Here are a few hints for soft foods you can enjoy after your procedure is through.

After the procedure

Making sure that you eat is a good way to avoid feeling nauseous (that is, worse than you already feel), keep up your energy, and help your body to start healing. And making sure you eat only soft foods will ensure that your gums won’t become more irritated and painful and endanger any stitches you may have. Your dentist or oral surgeon will, of course, have specific instructions for you to follow after the procedure, for a quicker recovery and for your safety. Make sure you follow these instructions carefully, and also make sure to stock up on your favorite soft foods before your procedure so that you don’t run out. When you are able to eat harder foods, you should gradually incorporate them into your diet.

Choose foods that have plenty of vitamins, minerals, and protein to help you heal. Try:

• Oatmeal

• Mashed potatoes (which is also a great comfort food) or other cooked or mashed vegetables

• Smoothies or milkshakes

• Sorbet, frozen yogurt, and ice cream

• Jello

• Rice

• Scrambled eggs

• Tofu

• Applesauce

• Mashed bananas or other fruit

• Soups or broths, which will also help you to stay hydrated

• Avocados, which can be mashed or whipped

• Salmon, which is not only very healthy but is also very soft

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Leave your worries at the door and enjoy a healthier smile


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