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Maybe you’ve recently lost a tooth, or maybe you’ve had a tooth missing for years. Either way, you may be wondering why you should bother to do something about it – after all, dental implants sound like a hassle, and what can it really hurt to have a missing tooth? However, there are several reasons why it is important to replace a lost tooth.

A lost tooth can affect the health of your mouth

All of your teeth are necessary – they work together to keep your teeth in alignment. If one is missing, the other teeth can move, which is not only bad for tooth health but for the health of your jaw. When teeth shift out of place, the muscles in your jaw and face change, causing painful joint problems such as TMJ (temporomandibular joint disorder). TMJ can mean headaches, muscle aches in the shoulders and neck, and pain when eating.

A lost tooth can affect the health of your body

A gap in your teeth can make it uncomfortable (or even difficult) to chew. You may start to avoid healthy, crunchy foods like fruits and vegetables, without even realizing you are doing so.

A lost tooth can affect your quality of life

It is no fun when you can’t enjoy food like you used to. It is also no fun to go through life being self-conscious about your smile because of a gap in your teeth. Eventually, having a missing tooth can also change the look of your mouth; it can start to droop and make you look older than you are. And, a missing tooth can affect the way you speak. Over time, all of these factors can affect your self-esteem.

There is no reason to live with a missing tooth! Dental implants are a great option for missing teeth – they look and feel natural and can restore your smile, your quality of life, and your self-confidence. If you want to do something about a missing tooth, or you have any other dental problems, call Arlington Dental Aesthetics in Arlington or South Riding Smiles in South Riding. Contact the Arlington office at (703) 214-3183 or the South Riding Smiles office at (703) 214-3185 for an appointment today!

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