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tips for living with invisalign 5ebccb92efc97

Tips for Living with Invisalign

What are the time-tested tips and tricks for a successful Invisalign® experience, you may wonder. More than 7 million people have been treated with these clear, plastic aligners so far, so there are millions of individual treatment experiences from which dentists and patients have learned. Allow us to share some of the main pointers for …

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dental benefits expire at the end of december use them now 5ebccb9dd99d1

Dental Benefits Expire at the End of December – Use Them Now

2019 is quickly drawing to a close and the New Year is on the horizon. Have you taken full advantage of your dental benefits? According to the American Dental Association, only 2.8 percent of people with a PPO dental plan reach or exceed the annual maximum allowed by those plans. Everyone else is missing out …

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4 reasons young professionals should consider invisalign 5ebccbb947d0e

4 Reasons Young Professionals Should Consider Invisalign

As a young professional, you are at a critical time in your career. The impressions you make on others can significantly impact the opportunities available to you. It’s important to appear poised, intelligent, confident and friendly. It can be hard to put forth this impression when you lack confidence in your smile. If crooked teeth …

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are porcelain veneers permanent 5ebccbc70575c

Are Porcelain Veneers Permanent?

Porcelain veneers are an extremely popular cosmetic dentistry procedure, because they can treat a wide variety of cosmetic issues and give you a beautiful yet still natural looking smile. However, people wonder how long porcelain veneers will last. Is it worth it to spend the money on them? Porcelain veneers are not permanent, but they …

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invisalign vs invisalign express 5ebccbda6c46d

Invisalign vs. Invisalign Express

Invisalign is a popular alternative to traditional metal braces. This treatment uses a series of clear, removable plastic aligners to gradually shift your teeth to their desired position. The end result is a straight, beautiful smile. At Arlington Dental Aesthetics and South Riding Smiles, we offer both Invisalign and Invisalign Express. There are subtle differences …

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what is invisalign express 5ebccbe7ad806

What Is Invisalign® Express?

Invisalign is a clear alternative to standard metal braces that allows you to realign your bite without dietary restrictions or of the hassles associated with annoying brackets and wires. While Invisalign® can address a wide range of orthodontic needs, it’s not the only braces alternative. If you’re looking for a simple teeth-straightening solution and have …

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will dental implants match the color of my natural teeth 5ebccbf29153a

Will Dental Implants Match the Color of My Natural Teeth?

Dental implants provide you with the most effective option to replace your missing teeth. They are the only solution that replaces the missing root along with the tooth, providing a long-lasting restoration that restores full bite function. For this reason, our dentists recommend dental implants for just about anyone who is a suitable candidate. If …

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is invisalign express right for me 5ebccc0357ef8

Is Invisalign Express Right for Me?

If you’ve put off orthodontic treatment because you want to avoid a “mouth full of metal,” you are not alone. Many adults and teens prefer to avoid the hassles associated with traditional metal braces. Fortunately, this isn’t the only way to achieve a straight, beautiful smile. Invisalign provides you with a more comfortable, discreet and …

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