Emergency Dental Visits Skyrocket after St. Patrick's Day

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St. Patrick's Day is approaching rapidly. This weekend, many people will get in touch with their inner Irish side (even if they aren't Irish). For all practical purposes, this involves drinking massive quantities of alcohol. If a day of bottomless Guinness, Jamison shots and green beer seems appealing, you may want to think about the potential consequences of your actions (hint: a nasty hangover may be the least of your concerns).

According to a study published by CNBC and Sikka Software, there is a tremendous spike in emergency dental visits right after St. Patrick's Day. It seems that all that drinking may be hazardous to your oral health. While a day of binge drinking isn't likely to cause cavities, it can result in issues such as chipped, cracked or missing teeth.

The CNBC study found that emergency dental visits increase by 77% on March 18 compared with an average day, and this spike typically lasts for a few days. Interestingly, there is no gender bias to this trend: emergency dental visits for men increase 78% compared to a 77.4% increase for women.

Interestingly, the increase in emergency dental visits varies widely from state to state. Virginia happens to fall below the national average (less than a 50% increase in emergency dental visits). That being said, this still represents a significant spike. So if you're out celebrating at O'Sullivan's, the Celtic House or any other Northern Virginia Irish pubs, be careful. There will be a lot of sloppy drunks creating a hazardous environment.

Causes of Post-St. Patrick's Day Dental Emergencies

St. Patrick's Day emergency dental services - Arlington, VAIt should come as no surprise that alcohol is the primary culprit responsible for this severe rise in dental emergencies. While drunken bar fights will certainly result in many teeth to be dislodged on Saturday, this isn't the only drinking-related cause of dental emergencies.

There are a lot of people who suffer "face plant" injuries. This occurs when people become so intoxicated that they're unable to walk properly, causing them to fall over and smack their face on the pavement. This can easily chip or crack a tooth and if the fall is bad enough, even knock out a few teeth.

Arlington Dental Aesthetics can Handle Your Dental Emergency

At Arlington Dental Aesthetics and South Riding Smiles, we offer emergency dental services. If your St. Patrick's Day celebration takes a turn for the worse, we can help you get the dental care you need right away.

We offer a variety of emergency dental services, including:

We also offer a wide range of cosmetic dentistry services to restore a beautiful smile in the event that your drinking accident does serious damage to your teeth.

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