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As a young professional, you are at a critical time in your career. The impressions you make on others can significantly impact the opportunities available to you. It’s important to appear poised, intelligent, confident and friendly. It can be hard to put forth this impression when you lack confidence in your smile.

A beautiful smile is a big deal, and not just because it looks great. Beyond causing feelings of self-consciousness every time you smile, misaligned teeth can have a negative impact on your health. If your bite is off, you may experience pain while chewing, suffer from headaches, have increased risk for tooth decay, or experience other disruptive effects.

Fortunately, orthodontics make it possible to correct most cases of crooked teeth and an imperfect bite. Orthodontics refers to the treatment of misaligned teeth and jaw irregularities, and it often involves the use of braces.

Invisalign is a clear alternative to standard metal braces that allows you to realign your bite without dietary restrictions or of the hassles associated with annoying brackets and wires. While Invisalign® can address a wide range of orthodontic needs, it’s not the only braces alternative. If you’re looking for a simple teeth-straightening solution and have only mild orthodontic issues, Invisalign® Express may be a better option for you.