Teeth Whitening

Have you been hiding your feelings of happiness and joy because of unsightly yellow and discolored teeth? End this unpleasant suffering by subscribing to Arlington Dental Aesthetics’ tooth whitening service.

Tooth whitening is basically a cosmetic dental procedure that corrects tooth discoloration by means of removing brown and yellow stains from the surface of the teeth. The teeth whitening procedure can be done by our dental specialists in a number of ways, thus making it easy for consumers to pick a technique that suits their needs and budget.

A large percentage of our clients come to us wondering how teeth whitening works. There are those who desire for their pearly whites to be nine shades whiter while some settle for up to three shades lighter outcome.

Bear in mind that one shade of whiter is also a noticeable result and will bring back that confidence in your smile. Interested clients of teeth whitening services should also understand the fact that there is no one standard system in measuring “ideal” tooth color. However this is true, most dental professionals use the Vita Shade guide which organizes tooth color into four basic shade ranges. This helps our dentists determine how much whitening agent or which technique to use for clients wanting to undergo teeth whitening procedure.

Call us today and we’ll help lighten coffee-stained teeth, remove cigarette and tobacco discolorations as well as to correct yellowing in teeth due to aging.