Dental Crowns

A dental crown is a tooth-shaped restoration that surrounds all sides of a natural tooth and ends under the gum line. A crown strengthens a tooth. This is because the distinctive dark metal line of old-style crowns has been eliminated. Ceramic crowns are now metal-free and so natural looking they could be mistaken for real teeth. Arlington Dental Aesthetics boasts years of expertise in crown application. In essence, dental crowns are tooth-shaped caps that are placed on top of broken down or damaged tooth. It is a dental restorative procedure which improves the function as well as the appearance of affected teeth. Ceramic crowns are very natural looking, thus making it the perfect solution if you want to cover up discolored, damaged teeth. In addition, our ceramic crowns are also used to fill in large gaps in between the teeth, thereby enabling clients to smile with confidence yet again. Crowns are permanent in nature as they are firmly cemented into place. This provides for strong and visibly desirable replacements for a more natural end result.

Ceramic crowns may be used for a number of applications namely:

  • Support tooth with large fillings and where a small mass of the original tooth is left in place
  • Bridge attachment
  • Support a weak tooth, thus reducing its risk of breaking down
  • Cover severely stained and misshapen tooth
  • Used in conjunction of dental implants

Ceramic crowns of today are strong and are less prone to fracture in service. Our dentists also employ breakthrough installation techniques that make for an efficient and unbelievably fast dental restorative procedure. Schedule your free consultation with us today!