Dental Bonding

Our composite bonding procedure is a painless restorative procedure that functions to solve minor teeth problems. In some cases, two or more teeth are bonded during a single session. We use composite resin to efficiently bond the teeth together leaving you with a smile that inspires. We then place the tooth-colored composite resin on the tooth’s surface and shape it accordingly. The last step is hardening the resin with high-laser beam light.

Individuals who are seriously looking into obtaining tooth bonding services need to be aware of the fact that composite resin bonding will highly depend on the quality, shape, and color of the teeth.

Dentistry experts of Arlington Dental Aesthetics will match the composite resin to the quality of your teeth. Years of experience in restorative and cosmetic dentistry allows for our dental practitioners to shape the composite resin to look exactly like the missing part if your chipped tooth. We recommend composite resin application for filling in between teeth for those who are currently dealing with teeth gaping. In the case of a broken tooth, we also recommend the bonding procedure to bring back its original shape and size.

The chemicals, equipment, and technique used in composite bonding at Arlington Dental Aesthetics are proven effective and safe. Our skilled dental practitioners boast years of experience in performing this type of restorative procedure, thus making clients more confident of great results. With expert skills, we can render composite bonding procedures for two sessions, reducing your costs while increasing your self-esteem as you can smile bright and proud yet again. Bond your way to a beautiful smile by placing your trust in our clinic, staffed with doctors who are hailed as Top Ranked Dentists in Washington Magazine among many others.